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Donor Drive & PiE


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Donor Drive & Pie has concluded for 2019! 

Thank you to all new monthly donors - we hope you enjoyed the pie! 

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We have a goal of 30 new monthly donors this holiday season in order to support our growing programs including Cooking Classes, Egg Day & More, Food Day, the Fruit Box Project, the Farm Guide and events that connect the North Coast community with local food.

Becoming a monthly donor is an investment in continuing our work to strengthen the local food system.


Interested in learning more about what your monthly donation funds?

Click here to learn more about our programs.

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Fundraiser FAQ

How do I sign up? 


Become a monthly donor at $5/month or more via the donor form on our website. You will receive an email confirmation for your monthly donation and we will send a pie order form via email within 2 business days.  

How do I order the pie? 

We will send an order form to you by email where you can order your pie. The last day to order a pie will be December 15th. Pies need to be ordered at least 48 hours before intended pick-up date.  

What kind of pies are you making? 

Board member and pie maker extraordinaire Merianne Myers will make the pie of your choosing from the following options: 

  • Cranberry Tart


  • Streusel Pumpkin Pie


  • Grandma Ople’s Caramel Apple Pie


  • Wild Blackberry Custard Pie


Pies are homemade, include locally sourced ingredients, and be baked to order! Pies can be requested gluten-free as well. 


When and where do I pick up my pie? 


Pies will be baked fresh for you to pick up on one of the Egg Day dates through November and December.


In the pie order form, you will choose the date you’d like to pick up your pie. Pies must be ordered more than 48 hours before the Egg Day pick up date. Egg Day is normally each Thursday of the week at the Food Web, 9-4, (with the exception of the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas when Egg Day will be Tuesday November 26th and Tuesday December 24th, respectively). 


What if I just want to buy a pie from you without becoming a monthly donor? What if I want to order more than one pie? 


This fundraiser is primarily a donor drive, so we’d love for you to consider becoming a monthly donor of just $5/month or more! Otherwise, we may be selling pies at our Special Egg Day market in November (Tuesday November 26th) and December (Tuesday December 24th). We will post information about additional pie ordering on our Facebook page. Our volunteer staff at Egg Day will also be able to answer your questions. 

Can I give my pie to someone else as a gift? 


Sure! There will be an option on our order form if you want to indicate that someone else will be picking it up from us at Egg Day. 


What’s in each pie? 

Click here for an ingredient list for all four pies.

Have a question we didn't answer here? Email us at

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