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Market Day


(Previously known as egg Day)



Every Thursday of the year, our kitchen becomes a pop-up farm stand! Farmers bring eggs and other local foods for purchase. You will find a variety of locally farmed, fished, foraged, or produced foods. 

At this time, individual farmers accept only cash or check. 

During the main growing season, some local farmers also use the space as a pick-up location for their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) members.


Every Thursday from



North Coast Food Web

577 18th Street, Astoria, OR

Market Day FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Small Farms Market Day?

  • Small Farms Market Day is a weekly, pop-up “farm stand” located at North Coast Food Web in Astoria, Oregon. Local food producers drop off eggs and other produce for community members to purchase. The purpose of Small Farms Market Day is to connect small, local producers to individuals and families that want to purchase local food right from the source. It also provides a space for new food producers and food start-ups to grow their business.

  • Small Farms Market Day is a pick-up site for some local CSA’s (Community Supported Agriculture)

What's for sale?

  • Vendors typically bring eggs, meat, dairy, bread, produce, and other value-added products like jams, pickles, and jellies. 

  • Products available on any given Thursday just depends on what vendors are able to bring.

When is Egg Day?

  • Thursdays 9am-4pm.

  • Any cancellations will be announced on our Facebook Page.


How does payment work?

  • Small Farms Market Day is Cash or Check Only. Each farm has their own “bank” pouch for their products. A Food Web volunteer is always here to help. 

What happened to the "Egg Day" market I heard about?

  • Small Farms Market Day started out as “Egg Day”, selling only farm fresh eggs from local chicken farmers. However, the farms stand quickly grew to over 15 vendors with everything from chevre to kimchi. 

  • We rebranded to “Small Farms Market Day” to highlight the diversity of products available. Sometimes, like in the winter, we’re actually low on eggs and frequently sell out. However, there are still abundant treasures from different local food vendors for sale, always in rotation depending on what’s in season.

For Producers Interested in Selling at Market Day

Are you interested in getting set up as a vendor? Email us ( or call (503-468-0921).

All vendors must agree to the Vendor Guidelines.


Who can sell at Market Day?

  • If you fish, ranch, farm, produce, or forage foods in our 5 County region, you're welcome to sell at Market Day! 

  • 5 County region: Clatsop, Columbia, Pacific, Wahkiakum, and Tillamook. 

What can I bring to sell?

  • You can bring eggs, produce, or other value-added items that you fish, ranch, farm, or forage locally. What is considered local? We allow food and ingredients sourced from Clatsop, Columbia, Wahkiakum, Pacific, or Tillamook counties (in Washington and Oregon).

  • Producers sign an agreement that their products are grown with organic practices in mind, animals are treated humanely and are free-range when possible, and respect is given to the land and water used.

What food safety regulations do I need to follow? 

  • We follow ODA guidelines. Regulations will depend on the type of product you would like to sell. For instance, egg vendors must be present for the sale of their eggs OR have a valid Egg Handlers License. All questions about food safety regulations can be directed to Barb Cripe, Food Safety Inspector of Astoria (503 508 0437,

Do you have requirements for what I can sell

  • We have to follow food safety rules set by ODA. Many items require applicable licenses, like meat or dairy. Egg vendors without a valid egg handler license need to be on site for all sales. Find other requirements in the Guidelines Document. 

How do you handle money and transactions? 

  • Small Farms Market Day is cash or check only. Each vendor uses a separate bank.

  • Vendors set their own prices. We ask vendors to consider the impact of their prices on other vendors of similar products and price comparably. 


Is there a fee to sell at Market Day?

  • No! It's free of charge for vendors. All profits go directly back to vendor.


How can I sell products at Market Day?

  • Contact our Programs Manager ( "caitlin" @ "" ) or call our office 503-468-0921 to let us know what you’re interested in selling.

  • We have a Guidelines Document that we ask all Producers to sign.


How do I bring my products to sell?

  • Vendors bring their ready-to-sell products to the Food Web on Thursday mornings (8:30-9:00am) along with their own bank, cooler (if necessary), and information about their operation, products, and pricing. 

  • We ask vendors to pick up their supplies before 4pm on Thursdays- if this is not possible (for producers with a longer commute), we can arrange for a different pickup time.


Who is in charge of Market Day?

  • Producers decide what to bring and the price for each item. We ask everyone to think about how their pricing may affect other vendors and price comparably. 

  • A Food Web volunteer helps customers with purchases. Producers retrieve their bank and any leftover products by Thursday at 4pm. Then we do it all again the next week!

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