Small farms market day Adds

5% packing fee

starting March 1, 2021


Dear Small Farms Market Day Customers,


Due to increasing costs of running the market, North Coast Food Web (NCFW) board and staff have made the difficult decision to add a 5% Packing Fee to all orders starting March 1, 2021. The fee will be added to your order total, visible from the order page. (EDIT 2/26/21: The fee will show up as a mark-up on product prices. We attempted to set it up as a packing fee added to the final order total, but our online platform is not able to do so in a straightforward way.)


We appreciate your patience with NCFW (and your loyalty to our local food producers!) as we reinvent our market to meet growing demands for local food. 


Our market has quadrupled in size since this time last year, and now requires  dedicated staff time to onboard vendors, update inventory, provide customer support, manage volunteers, coordinate product deliveries and more. We now pay for additional food safety licensing, online platform fees, credit card fees, packing materials, and additional cold storage. 


As a nonprofit, our goals with Small Farms Market Day are: (1) to incubate new and small farmers by providing a low cost sales outlet, and (2) to ensure locally produced foods are affordable to community members living on low incomes.  


If you utilize SNAP payment, the Packing Fee will be automatically waived. If you do not use SNAP, but would like to request a fee waiver, please fill out the “Fee Waiver Survey” on the ordering site homepage (


Additionally, we want to be transparent with customers that we have had to increase our vendor fees slightly to help ensure a sustainable program. If you have any questions about increased pricing, please contact us. 


Please let us know what you love about the market and what could improve by filling out our customer feedback survey ( With your submission you can enter a drawing for a $50 Small Farms Market gift card!


Together, we've returned nearly $100,000 to our local economy through small food makers in the past year!


Thank you for your continued support, 

North Coast Food Web Board and Staff