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International Food Day

In support of our mission, the North Coast Food Web and Oregon State Extension, SNAP-Ed department  collaborate each year to bring local schools an event called, "Food Day". Astoria Co-op generously supports Food Day!

 We visit local Elementary schools to set up a mock Farmer's Market booth with different vegetables, fruits, grains, and nuts. Kids can smell and touch the produce in a "Veggie Petting Zoo". We talk with them about the importance of eating fruits and vegetables, as well as knowing where their food comes from, and what is grown locally. 

We plan to continue this event annually and work to rotate which schools we attend each year.

Each October, we need community volunteers to help us with our Food Day programs in schools. We also partner with the Astoria Co-op to give a piece of fruit for each student. Donations help us plan our programs, reach more students, and buy produce from local farmers! 

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International Food Day

Take a peek at our Food Day programs : 

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