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Our Kitchen

Kitchen Use

The kitchen is a resource for the community. It also takes time and money to keep it running. Our Kitchen Guidelines and Agreement helps set expectations so that we are all helping to keep the kitchen clean and organized.  

We allow groups or individuals who have agreed to our Kitchen Guidelines and signed our Kitchen Use Agreement to use the kitchen. 

Projects or groups that align with some of the following goals are our top priorities for using the kitchen: 

  • Aligned with our mission to "cultivate healthy communities and a vibrant economy through food and agriculture"

  • Supporting local foods, farmers, or food production

  • Increasing access to healthy, fresh, and local foods

  • Building community around food

  • Supporting diverse and/or historically marginalized identities and cultures

  • Offering food or nutrition education

If your organization shows a commitment to accessibility, equity, and inclusivity, wants to build a long-term relationship with the Food Web, is using and promoting local foods, and/or willing to cross-promote the Food Web and our events, you'll be at the top of our list for kitchen use!

Kitchen Partner Process


Read our Kitchen Partnership Guidelines (linked here) and FAQ (available below)


Think you're a good fit?

Fill out our Kitchen Use Request Survey.

We will respond to your request within 5 business days.  


Approved partners work with the Programs Manager to complete the Kitchen Use Agreement, determine a schedule, and go over orientation and kitchen policies.

Kitchen Use FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my organization use the NCFW commercial kitchen? 

  • We prioritize local, mission-aligned organizations and/or events. If you think you would be a good match, please apply here: Kitchen Use Request Survey.

  • Anyone using the kitchen must have a valid Food Handler certification.

How do I apply to use the kitchen?

Is there a fee for using the kitchen? 

  • First, we want community partners to be able to use our kitchen. However, to cover our costs and support our organization, we encourage a negotiable donation to North Coast Food Web per hour of  kitchen use. The donation amount is flexible. Plus, if we can figure out a trade for services with your organization rather than asking for a direct donation, we will! 

  • Our suggested donation per hour for kitchen use:

    • Non-profit $20/hr 

    • For-profit $30/hr

    • One-time event rentals $250 (for 6-8 hours within a 24 hour period)

  • Other possible exchanges for use: volunteer hours at the Food Web, goods/services from your organization, other promotional or technical assistance. 

When is the kitchen available? 

  • The Kitchen Calendar is coordinated by our Programs Manager. In general, we cannot reserve the kitchen on days when we have cooking classes, fundraising events, or Egg Day (every Thursday). 

Can I come see the kitchen? What kind of equipment do you have? 

  • Please stop by our office in Astoria to check out the kitchen. Someone is usually in the office Monday-Thursday 9-5 (call ahead to check). Come for Egg Day on Thursday to see the kitchen and buy some local food!

  • We are working on a full list of equipment and inventory of our cookware. Until we have that list published, please stop by to check or call/email us with any questions. 

What requirements do you have for using the kitchen? 

  • Please see our Kitchen Partnership Guidelines for all the details. 

  • In general, our requirements are: 

    • Use the kitchen in compliance with food safety and Health Code requirements, including Food Handlers certifications

    • Kitchen is left clean, organized, and sanitized for future use

    • Bring all of your own ingredients

    • Fill out the Kitchen Use Log